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jennifer's story

Jennifer Haynie was a graduate of Pearland High School in 2007 and was accepted and scheduled to attend Texas A&M University to study Business and Marketing. Well known for her spirit and enthusiasm, Jennifer was an active participant in lots of activities. She was a varsity softball player for Pearland High School and for her Summer Tournament team, TCB (Taking Care of Business).  She was a Junior and Senior Class Officer and Chairman of the Senior Prom Committee for 2007.  Jennifer especially enjoyed helping produce the Oilervision Broadcast Program at Pearland High School.
Jennifer's best personal quality was her sense of humor and her enthusiasm for life. She was outgoing, friendly and could talk to anyone. She possessed honesty, integrity, and was a responsible hard working young woman. She loved hanging out with her friends, going camping and tubing at the Guadalupe River, and coaching her sister, Katie about life.
In December 2006, she began to experience a mild discomfort in her leg, especially at night.  She continued to be an active teenager, rarely missing school, keeping up her grades, continuing her school activities, especially prom preparation.  She even went out and got a waitress job to earn extra money.    Being an athlete, she was used to having aches and pains, so the mild symptoms were not recognized until they persisted and became severe.
Even after diagnosis, Jennifer maintained her good positive attitude; she was prepared to beat this terrible cancer.  She underwent radiation treatments, 2 major lung surgeries, and monthly chemotherapy that made her feel terrible.  Even so, she livened up the waiting rooms at MD Anderson every time she was there.  She would start conversations with other patients who had come from all parts of the world to receive treatment.  She entertained some of the other pediatric patients in the Pediatric clinic where her doctor, Peter Anderson and nurses were.  She continued to go out with her friends and even enrolled in Junior college in the Spring of 2008.  But in April her condition worsened, the cancer had spread to her pelvic area, lungs, liver, and abdominal wall.  On May 18, she died at MD Anderson.




never forgotten.

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