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about osteosarcoma

Osteosarcoma, a type of children's bone cancer, while rare, is the most common form of cancer occurring in the bone and is one of the most common ones that affect teenagers and young adults. Each year, it affects approximately 800 children in the United States, the majority in their adolescent or teenage years.  Less than 20% of kids survive when the cancer has spread to other body parts when they are diagnosed.


Osteosarcoma has one of the lowest survival rates for childhood cancers, due largely to the lack of available funding for research. There has been no significant improvement in cure rates in the past 30 years. Texas Children’s Hospital and M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston are two of the only cancer centers offering the most advanced treatment for osteosarcoma.  Families, who must travel here for intense treatment, need lots of emotional and financial support. 


Osteosarcoma occurs most frequently in the ends of long bones, such as the thighbone nearest the knee or the arm bone nearest the shoulder. The most common symptom is a constant dull ache in the bone or joint, often increasing at night when sleeping. The pain tends to increase over time rather than subside. At the site of the tumor, there may be swelling or a lump. If the tumor is in the leg, a child may limp. Osteosarcoma may make the muscles in the affected leg or arm appear smaller


The Haynie Spirit Bone Cancer Foundation is non-profit corporation. It is our hope to raise awareness about the tragically under-funded research for children's bone cancer. 


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